10 Personal Finance Blogs Written By Black Creators

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So much has happened lately, and to be honest, I am physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. 

I have been going back and forth about creating content lately. I didn’t know whether I should continue with my usual topics or write about the current events.

I’m sure you know that the past few weeks have been tough for many people. I am personally hurt, scared, and confused by the racial injustice still going on in 2020.

Every day, my husband, brother, and father go out into this world, and I worry about them until the minute they step back inside the house.

My family alone has numerous stories of times that we have been mistreated or belittled because of the color of our skin. 

My brother was denied access to a teen establishment a few years ago because he had braids, and my husband was accused of walking out of a store with a laptop that he had the receipt for.

I don’t even want to count the number of times that I have been told that I’m very well-spoken by someone that does not look like me. 

We can’t pretend that racial injustice and racial bias are things of the past.

I understand that this is a personal finance blog, but here’s the thing. Personal finances are personal. That is why boycotts are so effective- money talks. 

Things that affect us personally also affect our finances. Our experiences in life have shaped the way that we view wealth and spend money.

It is no secret that there are systemic barriers to financial success that Black Americans face. A few of these barriers include fewer job opportunities, lower pay, fewer benefits, and less job stability.

Often, black people don’t know where to go to find financial advice from people that they can relate to, so today, I want to take some time to highlight a few personal finance blogs written by black creators.

Be sure to check them out because they all offer a different perspective on personal finance. You are sure to find a blog that resonates with you.

1. Mint Worthy

Mint Worthy is a blog created for real women with real dreams. The creator, Vanessa, helps women get real about their finances and teaches them how to stop downsizing their dreams to match their bank accounts.

Her latest blog post talks about how she and her husband rebalanced their budget to survive the pandemic. Their story was also featured in their local newspaper.

Head to Mint Worthy to find out what worked for them. 

2. Paychecks And Balances

Rich Jones and Marcus Garrett created a blog and podcast called Paychecks & Balances. This blog is geared towards helping Millennials make money, save money, and get out of debt.

Marcus paid off $30,000 of debt by age 30, and Rich paid off his car two years early and is 100% debt-free.

They know their stuff. If you’re into budget calculators, check out their latest blog post highlighting the best 50/30/20 budget calculators.

3. His And Her Money

His and Her Money is a blog about two high school sweethearts, Talaat and Tai Mcneely, who fell in love, got married, and were total opposites when handling their finances.

They have taken their readers on the journey of them paying off all of their debt, including the mortgage and growing a six-figure business from the ground up.

Check out their latest blog post filled with simple ways to have fun on a fixed budget.

4. Tay Talks Money

Tay Talks Money is a blog where you can find transparent conversations about managing money, paying debt, building credit, and living a financially responsible life.

This blog was started by  Taylor when she began documenting her journey to budgeting and paying off debt.

One of her recent posts includes four budgeting tips for people with inconsistent income. If you are a bartender, server, or waitress, this post is for you.

5. The Budgetnista

The Budgetnista is a one-stop-shop personal finance blog geared towards women. Tiffany Aliche started this blog as a way to make life-changing financial education accessible to women worldwide.

Tiffany is a former preschool teacher. She has found a way to bridge the gap for communities that have been left out of the essential financial conversations necessary to thrive in today’s world.

Her recent blog post is called How To Win The Credit Card Debt Fight. Be sure to bookmark it to read later.

6. The Money Speakeasy

The Money Speakeasy is a blog created to be a safe space to talk about taboo topics like budgeting, debt, savings, credit, housing, and insurance.

Wilson Muscadin started this blog because he believes that when people have a sound financial foundation, they are much more likely and able to pursue their passions wholeheartedly.

Check out his free guide to give yourself a 20% raise without even speaking to your manager.

7. My Debt Epiphany

My Debt Epiphany is written by a personal finance expert and professional writer named Chonce’.

She helps Millennials and Gen Z get unstuck by regaining control of their money to live a life with more possibilities and fewer limitations. She highlights freelance writing as a way to make extra cash and reach your financial goals.

Her latest blog post is an informational post about the recent current events. It’s a good one, so be sure to check it out.

8. Black Market Exchange

The Black Market Exchange is a blog created by Dr. Eric Patrick, a pharmacist turned investor, and a full-time entrepreneur. He started his blog because there was a lack of diversity in the investing space.

Dr. Patrick felt like most information on investing websites didn’t speak to people of color who didn’t have a background in finance, so he created that space.

His website highlights his stock market newsletter called Papertrail. Sign up to get the latest stock market news, and a playlist sent to your email every weekday.

9. Finances Demystified

Finances Demystified is a blog geared towards Millennials that helps you take action with your finances to begin to live the life you desire.

It is coupled with a free Facebook community called the Millennial Wealth Builders. The founder is Dominique Broadway, and she is a Millennial Personal Finance Expert and personal finance coach.

The latest blog post is What is a Robo advisor and are they right for you? Check it out!

10. The Finance Bar

The Finance Bar is a personal finance suite helping women and couples achieve financial wellness through coaching, education, and an innovative learning hub on wheels.

The creator, Marsha Barnes, is a Certified Financial Social worker, and you will find advice on credit repair, boosting your financial confidence, and increasing your earning potential.

Her latest blog post is 4 Ways To Maintain Your Financial Focus, so be sure to check that out.

Bonus: Pixistock

One common issue that I have heard from black creators is the lack of stock photos that include people of color. I felt the same way. While on my search for stock photos, I came across Pixistock.

Pixistock is a stock photo subscription service started by a black creator named Alicia. She takes amazing photos, and she also designs graphics that help grow and supercharge your brand.

The best part is, there are always stock photos that include people of color, and if you don’t see what you want, just let her know, and she will make it happen.

Use my affiliate link for Pixistock and grab a batch of free photos and graphics to get started.

The Bottom Line

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and found a couple of new blogs to read on your personal finance journey. 

My goal for this post is to bring awareness to a few amazing black creators that you may not know about. 

This year, I plan on amplifying black voices and making sure that people like me are represented in as many spaces as possible, and I hope that you will do the same.

Leave a comment and let me know your favorite topic to read about on a personal finance blog.

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Sometimes, it’s hard to find financial advice from people that you can relate to, so this post highlights 10 personal finance blogs written by black creators. Be sure to check them out because they all offer a different perspective on personal finance. You are sure to find a blog that resonates with you.

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  1. Thank you! I am trying to spend more time supporting black creators and I’m accomplishing financial goals so this is really good. Looking forward to seeing more of your content and adding you to the list of financial blogs by black creators.

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