Finding our Walden (Mr. Kay Saga)

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Well, Hello there.  As introverted as I am, I have been very EASILY persuaded to be a part of my wife’s  “blog” (gosh, I hate that word…probably my last time using it). Nevertheless, here I am. In this _____, (we gotta find a word to this describe this thing), We will, more or less, detail our journey to finding our “Walden”. For my non-English buffs, Walden was author Henry David Thoreau’s “getaway”, per se, as he left the city to find himself spiritually, physically, and figuratively. While we can’t leave the city life yet, we are steadily finding each other within ourselves. While aiming to become physically, spiritually, figuratively sane… I hope that this Saga can help you deal with whatever mood or trial you are facing.

Now, sorry for being rude, but I forgot to introduce myself. I am Kamika’s husband and I majored in English Literature and Language…is it obvious? Kinda? No? While in college, I met some beautiful people, one whom I married after about six years of dating. College was great; however, I’m paying for some of the pounds I picked up, alcohol was fun.

Around September of 2015, I was diagnosed with a condition called Chiari Malformation. The symptoms came quickly: first was the tightness in my muscles, then came the weakening of my voice, and finally, vertigo. Since this diagnosis, I have had two brain surgeries and we are preparing for a third one now; however, my wife Kamika, has shown me the women are the strongest beings on this Earth (yes guys, I said it!) While this may have slowed life down, it is nowhere near stopping! This ____(still refusing to use the word “blog”)  signifies the beginning of our journey and we are ready to transform ourselves (and help you) into two young people with financial freedom, long lasting healthy, and beautiful life.

Here we go!

My “Walden”

Live, Laugh, Love, Laugh, and Laugh again.

Question of the Day: Where is your “Walden” or place to escape?

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