Baby Shower to Welcome A New Addition

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A few weeks ago my mom and I had the honor of hosting a baby shower for a member of my family. The baby will be born any day now and I am so excited for a new addition to the family.


The shower was so much fun to plan and the guests had a great time as well. It was a co-ed shower and we made sure to provide gifts to all of the men that came for being good sports. We decided to go with a navy blue and pink nautical theme because it was so cute. A lot of the decorations came from Oriental Trading Company and we made the rest of them at home.


We served meatballs, ham and cheese roll ups, turkey and cheese roll-ups, finger sandwiches, vegetables, and chips and dip. We also had a huge cake and a delicious candy bar. Our drinks of choice were “Sea Water” and “Sun Splash“, which were actually Polar Blast and Lemonade flavored Hawaiian Punch.

Candy Bar


The games that we chose were so cute and fun. The icebreaker was very interesting. All guests had to write down how they knew the parents-to-be without giving away too much information. The couple then had to guess who wrote each one. That really broke the ice and allowed everyone to get to know each other.

For the first game, we had all guests to cut a ribbon to the length that they thought would fit around the mother-to-be’s baby bump. The winner was the person whose ribbon went all the way around without any excess ribbon hanging at the end.

New Addition

Next, we played baby word scramble. This was really fun. The winner had to unscramble all of the words correctly in the least amount of time.

The last game that we played was “The Price is Right: Baby Edition“. This game asked guests to name prices of common baby items. The winner was the person with the closest number to the total price without going over. We also had a running game where guests had to guess how many diapers were in the diaper cake. The winner was announced after the last game. The last thing that we did was have the parents-to-be open the gifts and thank their guests.

 Diaper Cake

Overall, the shower was really fun. There was a “message in a bottle” station for guests to leave encouraging words for the couple and everyone wished them well. The parents enjoyed the games and catching up with people that they have not seen in a while. I really enjoyed hosting and feeling like I helped make the day memorable for the couple. Now, we can relax and wait for the baby’s arrival knowing that the parents have everything that they need to get started on the journey of parenthood.

New Addition
Message In a Bottle

Update: Braylee was born on July 29, 2016 at 7 lb 6 oz. She is healthy and everyone is settling into their new routine.

Question of the day: What is your favorite game to play at a baby shower?
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