My Resolution For This Year: Decluttering And Organizing

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I think it’s crazy, but I often find myself wasting time looking for papers and sometimes even my purse. This is not a great way to start my day. I would like to live in calmness and peace (my word for 2017), not chaos. My home should be neat and clean with everything its place. Getting organized and decluttering should not be a hard task. I just need to find a way to get back on a cleaning schedule and stop procrastinating. It doesn’t make sense to continue to waste money on planners and storage containers when I haven’t written out a plan of action. I want to take control of my life and my clutter once and for all.

One of my resolutions this year is to declutter and organize my house. I am tired of not being able to find things when I need them. It also sucks to feel like there is no space to put things away. I have drawers that are overflowing with clothes that I don’t even wear anymore. One of my projects towards the end of 2016 was to clean and organize my closet. I did complete the task, but I didn’t throw anything away. I just put all the clothes up, organized the shoes, and put things into storage bins. Now, I would like to take my organization a step further and get rid of the things that I do not use or need any more throughout my house. I will start with my closet because it is already cleaned out.

Are any of you out there like me? If so, I have the perfect solution for both of us. For the first time, Ultimate Bundles has put together the Conquer Your Clutter Super Bundle for those of us that need to declutter. This bundle is awesome and I’m excited for it to be one of my first purchases this year! This is a great opportunity to purchase a complete collection of organizational resources for a great price. You get 18 ebooks, 5 ecourses, and 15 printable packs in the bundle at 95% off.

The topics for the bundle include Cleaning and Chores, Decluttering, Family Organization, Managing Your Time, Meal Planning, Organizing Paperwork & Digital Files, and Planners. I am so excited about the Decluttering and Managing Your Time resources. These two areas of my life could use a lot of work! The bundles go on sale Wednesday, January 25th through Monday, January 30th. Come back on January 25th to get more details about the sale. I hope you are as excited about these resources as I am. I think they will be helpful for those of us looking to organize our lives.

Question of the day: What do you feel is the most challenging part of decluttering? 


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