So Much To Be Thankful For

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Today is a day where we all take time out of our busy schedules to appreciate the things that we have and the people that we share these things with. It is a day that people come together to cook, eat, watch football, and enjoy each other’s company. I genuinely love this time of year. I love watching the leaves change colors and fall to the ground. The time change that occurs in the month of November reminds me that the holiday season has arrived. Being able to layer clothing and wear boots and scarves are things that I look forward to at this time of year. Most importantly, I like to reflect on the things that I am thankful for and begin creating new goals for the upcoming year.

The past year and a half, my husband and I have gone through a lot with the diagnosis of Chiari Malformation.  We have been to more doctors appointments and scheduled more MRIs and CT Scans than I care to count. Throughout this journey, we have also racked up quite a bit of debt. However, through it all, we are still thankful. It is important to be thankful through the struggles. We would not become who we are destined to be without the tough times. We as humans tend to get complacent, but God has his ways of reminding us that we are here for a larger purpose. Our struggles are not only for us. We also help inspire others by the way that we walk through the tough times.

I could have given up and began to feel sorry for my husband this past year, but I did not. I have learned to live in this new normal. Things in my life do not match the typical 27-year-old life, but this has made me so much stronger. I have grown so much in the course of this year. Life has taught me skills that school failed to teach. I have learned that I am a fighter and can adapt quickly to the situations that come my way. Loss of income did not discourage me. Surgery after surgery, I am there with my husband fighting just as hard as he does. We both fight well, with smiles on our faces.

Today, I am thankful that I am here. I’m thankful that my husband is here with me and that we are enjoying family together. Life has taught me that these moments are precious and should not be taken for granted. As I look around at the love in the atmosphere, I know that I am blessed. I know that my husband and I will be alright. Nothing can replace the feeling of being loved.

While everyone enjoys their turkey and football today, don’t forget to be thankful. Be sure to show your family that you love them and appreciate them. Spend time with family members and laugh a little. This holiday is not just about the food. It is about giving thanks. Put all differences aside for today and show some love. From my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

Question of the day: What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I’m grateful to be alive. Where I am in my life, it’s like a dream come true. I never imagined, even in my wildest dreams, staying my own blog and a year ago, I could only hope that I’d be accepted to my dream university. I’m just happy to be here in this moment. 🙂

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