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As you can see, I have some very exciting news! As of 5/2/2019, The Kay Saga has officially become Well Balanced Wallet where we are creating healthy money habits.

Deciding to make this change was so difficult for me. I have gone back and forth for almost two years and I finally decided to just do it.

Why the sudden name change?

To put this into context, I started The Kay Saga in July of 2016 as a way to keep myself sane on my debt free journey.

The goal was to be an anonymous blogger and document the things that I faced while paying off debt.

As time went on, I found my voice and began to enjoy writing. My blog was helping people in similar situations manage their finances and it made me feel great.

I decided to open up and share my name and picture on the blog and I felt so free. It was much easier to relate to my audience when I didn’t have to hide my identity.

Now, I have been blogging for almost three years. I feel like I’ve finally found a name that fits the brand that I have worked so hard to create.

What type of content can you expect?

If there is anything that I’ve learned from my readers is that it is so hard to stay on track with your finances.

Financial advice on the internet doesn’t always reflect real-life situations. I want to change that by sharing pieces of myself and my story with the world.

This blog will go where other blogs do not. It won’t always be happy or pretty, but it will always be real and relatable.

Until we are able to talk freely about finances, we will continue to pass on unhealthy money habits to the next generation. This means that we will never be financially free.

Well Balanced Wallet is a place where we learn and grow together while creating healthy money habits that bring us closer to our goals.

Deciding to make this change was so scary for me, but I’m so proud of myself for getting it done.

Anytime you do you something as drastic as rebranding, you risk losing the audience and connections that you have already made.

I’m ok with that because I believe that this blog has the potential to be better than ever. The posts will be more focused and topics will be broken down and easier to digest.

What does this change mean for you?

  • You will find all content from The Kay Saga on Well Balanced Wallet, as well as a lot of new and exciting topics.
  • I will be sending out newsletters on a regular basis so be on the lookout for new information and tips to help you manage your money and get out of debt for good.
  • Lastly, I want Well Balanced Wallet to your go-to website. Don’t be afraid to suggest topics that you want to learn more about. If I don’t know the answer, I will find someone who does to be our guest and share their knowledge.

In the meantime…

If this is your first time here or you want to take a look at some of our older content, check out some of our most popular posts below. These posts are your go-to for questions like:

I hope you’re as excited about these changes as I am! With that being said, let me know if you find anything that isn’t working properly on the site. I’m sure I overlooked a few things. I am human, you know?

I love hearing from you, so to kick things off, comment below and tell me the last thing that you accomplished that you were proud of.

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