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The Mom Conference last week was awesome! I learned so much from the presentations and I found answers to a few of my burning questions. I hope you enjoyed the conference as much as I did. If you missed the conference or a presentation that you wanted to see, I have news for you! The Mom Conference is offering an Encore Day today (10/18) for the top presentations of the conference. Conference participants were asked to take a survey indicating which speakers they’d most like to see featured on Encore Day. The results are in and you are invited to view these presentations for free!

Personally, my favorite presentation came from Jesse Mecham who is the founder of, also known as YNAB. As you know, I am on a debt free journey so of course, the budget presentation would be my favorite. Jesse’s presentation was very laid back and he talked about budgeting and family life. I enjoyed the story that he told about increasing the grocery budget so that his wife would not stress in the grocery store. This is very to relate to and sometimes you have to “roll with the punches” to make this budget thing successful. I hope this is one of the presentations chosen for Encore Day!

If you have previously registered for the mom conference, you should get an email at 10:00 Eastern Time with the link for Encore Day. For anyone that has not registered, be sure to register now for an email with the link. This is the last day that you will be able to view the conference presentations for free. Please don’t miss out on this opportunity. The conference was packed with information and Encore Day will highlight a couple of important topics for free! I would like to make sure that anyone out there who can benefit from this conference has the chance to view Encore Day.

Register Now!Encore Day


P.S. If you can’t make it to Encore Day or if you’ve attended parts of the conference and it’s left you wanting more, you can get a steal of a deal on a Mom Conference Recording Package that will give you LIFETIME access to the 20 presentations along with a whole lot of other great material to help you be the mom you really want to be. Check it out here.


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