Let’s Take A Look At The September Budget

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It’s time to budget for September!

Budgeting is one of my favorite things to do. I love the feeling of slowly chipping away at our goals.

While I love that feeling, sometimes we have rough months where things don’t go according to plan.

In August, we spent more money than we should have and I realized that it happened because we were bored.

This month, we made sure to adjust our goals, and we are making it a priority to pay attention to the budget when making financial decisions.

 Let’s take a look at the budget. 

The Budget

The Bottom Line

That’s how we decided to budget our money for September! 

I know several people watch these videos because they like to see my thought process on budgeting our money. 

It is kind of fun to go through a stream of consciousness, so you know what I’m thinking while I’m budgeting. 

If you have any questions about YNAB or my budgeting process, be sure to leave a comment down below.

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