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Welcome to the summer reading installment of my quarterly book recommendation series! If you missed the spring edition, head over to The Most Remarkable Books To Read This Spring.

It’s finally summer! This means that it’s is the perfect time for vacations and summer reading. During the summer, I like to read fun books that keep me engaged and wanting to read more. For this edition of book recommendations, I want to focus on books that have been turned into movies.

To be honest, these are my favorite types of books because you get to see them come to life on screen. My summer will definitely be spent reading books and watching the corresponding movie. Most of the books are much better than the movies, but it’s still a lot of fun to see the characters come to life in the movie. This is also a fun activity that will encourage summer reading.

The Shack

Summer Reading

The Shack is an awesome book that talks about how a little girl goes missing on family vacation. During the search, the evidence is found in a shack that the little girl may have been murdered. Four years later, her dad receives a letter that he perceives to be from God inviting him to spend the weekend at “the shack.” This is most certainly a weekend that he will never forget. The question that this book revolves around is, “Where is God when the world is filled with pain?” This book will cause you to explore your heart and find new ways to heal and forgive. It is the perfect addition to your summer reading list.

Movie: The Shack

Paper Towns

Summer Reading

This is a young adult book, but I really enjoyed it. Paper Towns is about Quentin who is secretly in love with Margo Roth. One night Margo climbs through Quentin’s window and they have the most adventurous night of revenge that Quentin has ever experienced. The next day, Margo fails to show up to school and Quentin discovers clues that she may have left specifically for him to find her. Quentin and his friends pile into his van and have the road trip of their life in search for Margo. There are tons of life lessons to gain from this book and you won’t want to put it down.

Movie: Paper Towns

The Girl On The Train

Summer Reading

The Girl On The Train is about a lady named Rachel that takes the same train each day. Every morning, she watches the same couple have breakfast on their deck as the train goes by. One day, Rachel notices something shocking and decides to go to the police with the information. She finds herself deeply involved with the lives of the people involved as well as the investigation. You will never look at summer reading the same after this book. It is a great read for road trips as well as laying on the beach.

Movie: The Girl On The Train

Gone Girl

Summer Reading

Gone Girl is a psychological thriller about Nick’s wife Amy going missing on their fifth wedding anniversary. The gifts are there and plans have been made, but Amy is nowhere to be found. Naturally, the investigation starts with the husband, but is Nick really a killer? The way that Nick thinks and the way that he carries himself during the investigation would cause anyone to wonder. A glimpse into Amy’s diary reveal shocking secrets that would put anyone on edge. The ultimate question is, “Where is Amy?” This book is a real page turner and the movie is awesome as well. It won’t disappoint.

Movie: Gone Girl

The Fault In Our Stars

Summer Reading

This book is such a tear-jerker! The Fault In Our Stars is a wonderfully written book about a terminally ill girl named Hazel. She has cancer and her parents encourage her to attend a support group for children with cancer. She has no interest in attending the group until the day that she meets Augustus. Augustus, who has lost his leg to cancer, is attending the group meeting to support his friend. Hazel and Augustus have an immediate connection and eventually fall in love. This book is full of love, heartbreak, and thrills.

Movie: The Fault In Our Stars

Everything, Everything

Summer Reading

Everything, Everything is a book about risking everything for love. Maddy has a rare disease that causes her to be allergic to everything in the outside world. She has not left her house for seventeen years and only interacts with her mom and her nurse on a daily basis. One day, a nice looking boy named Olly moves next door and Maddy knows at that moment that they will fall in love. What is she suppose to do when she wants to be with Olly, but the universe seems to have different plans for her? Be prepared to laugh, cry, and be inspired throughout the duration of this award-winning book.

Movie: Everything, Everything

The Dinner

Summer Reading

The Dinner is a very suspenseful book about how far two families will go to protect the ones that they love. One summer evening in Amsterdam, two couples meet at a nice restaurant for dinner. Smiles are forced, knives are sharpened, and terrible things need to be discussed. Each of the couples has a fifteen-year-old son who needs to be held accountable for a horrific act that has triggered a police investigation. Over the course of a single dinner, these families will struggle to make the hardest decision of their lives while protecting their children. It all boils down to the cost of doing the right thing.

Movie: The Dinner

My Sister’s Keeper

Summer Reading

My Sister’s Keeper is a heartbreaking story about a girl that decides to sue her parents for the rights to her own body. Anna is a teenager that was conceived as a bone marrow match for her older sister Kate that has leukemia. By the age of thirteen, Anna has gone through a number of surgeries, transfusions, and shots to help her sister fight the disease. Anna eventually begins to question who she is as a person and wonders why her life has to be defined by her sister’s needs. She decides to make a decision that may possibly tear her family apart and have difficult consequences for her sister. This is a book about personal rights, what it means to be a good person, and what is morally correct in this situation.

Movie: My Sister’s Keeper

The Giver

Summer Reading

The Giver is an amazing book about conformity and being content. Everyone lives in an essentially perfect world where all needs are provided. At the age of twelve, each member of the community is given a life assignment that is carefully chosen by the elders. The main character is a twelve-year-old boy named Jonas who is taught not to think outside the box or experience feelings. He receives a life assignment called the Receiver of Memory where he discovers the flaws in his community. Jonas is determined to learn the truth about his community and do what he feels is right to expose the flaws even though he has no support from his family or the community. This story is all about being brave and having courage.

Movie: The Giver

Dark Places

Summer Reading

Dark Places is a very suspenseful book. It’s about Libby Day who was seven years old when her mom and two sisters were murdered in their home. She testified in court and her fifteen-year-old brother was convicted of the crimes. Twenty-five years later, the “Kill Club” contacts her and informs her that her brother may be innocent. Libby sets out on a mission to find the truth about what happened to her family. This is a book that you will not be able to put down until you know the truth.

Movie: Dark Places


It’s finally summer! This means that it’s is the perfect time for vacations and summer reading. Here is a list of books that have been turned into movies!

I hope you have enjoyed this list! Summer is the perfect time to read the books during the day and watch the movies at night. Each of the books and movies can be found on Amazon and they are great for book clubs or personal enjoyment. If you have read any of the books or seen the movies, let me know how you felt about them in the comments!

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