November 2020 Debt Snowball Update

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It’s time for the November 2020 Debt Snowball Update. Let’s see how our debt payoff journey went in the month of November.

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Budget Update

Our November budget was just okay. We were $64 over our grocery budget, but we were also $61 under our restaurant budget.

I made $614 from my side hustles this month. After expenses for the blog and the YouTube channel, I transferred $173 to our regular monthly budget.

Debt Snowball Update

In the month of October, we were able to pay off $2,898.20. Let’s see how we did in November.

The starting balance for the car loan for the month of November was $3,109.69. We made the minimum payment of $260.

We also had $272.65 leftover from all of our categories in our snowball. So we paid a total of $532.65 towards the car in November.

Our new car loan balance is $2,590.67.

The next thing we have is our home loan. The beginning balance was $188,339.71. We paid our mortgage of $1,265.64, which left us with a balance of $188,108.50.

Now, I want to hear from you. Are you making any progress on your debt free journey? Let us know in the comments below so we can motivate each other to get this debt paid down.

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It's time for the November 2020 Debt Snowball update! We were able to  pay down a good amount in November and we are so close to reaching our  2020 goals.

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