Thinking Out Loud While Sitting in Silence

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As you all know, my husband is set to have another surgery related to Chiari Malformation. We now have a date scheduled and are preparing ourselves for the recovery that is expected after a brain surgery. I honestly do not know how to feel. I really wish that he never had the condition in the first place. We want all of our loved ones to be happy and healthy and it hurts when they are not. I want to be able to take the pain away from him and just release it into the air. Knowing that this isn’t possible, I’m just thinking out loud. I would not wish this condition on anyone and I know that he wouldn’t either.


When we got the news from the doctor, I think we were both hurt. Things were going so well and it looked like we were headed in the right direction for my husband to be able to work again and begin to live life normally. It was like a sucker punch that we didn’t see coming. In the back of our minds, we knew this was a possibility, but the reality of it just shocked us.

Mr. Kay Saga is the most positive person that I know. With everything that is going on with him, he still inspires and encourages me. He does not allow things to get him down and he knows that he has a purpose in life. This makes me happy and helps me keep pushing to be strong for him while he is going through medical treatments. The thing that keeps him going is thinking positive thoughts.

In an attempt to lighten the mood after the unfortunate news, we decided to enjoy a trip to the movie theater. We moved a few things around in the budget to be able to do this and I also get discount movie tickets from my job. We chose to see The Big Friendly Giant because we read the book as children.

The movie was really good and it was great to get out of the house. It also felt good to put medical things in the back of our minds for just one night. For that moment, we felt like a normal couple and we really enjoyed ourselves. We are now attempting to continue this “in the moment” feeling and stop dwelling on the upcoming surgery. We know that everything will work out the way that it is supposed to work out and that we can’t change things by worrying about them. This way of thinking will help us make it through this setback.

Happy Place

Question of the day: Does thinking positive thoughts take your mind off of setbacks? What things do you do to live in the moment?
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